Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Highest View of God

I think that A.W. Tozer said it best in his book The Knowledge of the Holy when he wrote that the church of Jesus Christ will never rise above its view of God. This is because the fuel that burns the fires in mens' souls for the spread of the gospel around the globe is the unrivaled supremacy and value of God. Idolatry is not bowing down to some golden statue or saying words of praise to a wooden pole. No, idolatry is the common action of the heart to value something other than God as supreme. Whenever we exalt something higher than God in our lives, we are committing the ultimate sin - loving supremely that which is not supremely lovely. If the church is to catch a passion for evangelism, discipleship, and missions, it must begin with a recapturing of the doctrine of God.

How is it that the mysterious body of Christ has forgotten to teach the wonderful attributes and nature of God? What else do we have to offer a world ravaged by sin other than the person of God? And yet, week after week, the supreme value of man is preached from our pulpits. Apparently, God did everything because of our amazing value to Him. How have we allowed the pure gospel of God to be corrupted by the selfish, man-centered consumerism of this age? God redeemed humanity for the praise of His own glory, to demonstrate to all ages the surpassing greatness of his grace and mercy. Let us again as the church of Christ rise to the call to proclaim the wonder of the doctrine of God. We cannot afford to get this one wrong.

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