Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Priceless Wife...

The writer of Proverbs comments that there is no value comparison for a wife that fears the Lord. She is to be more treasured than any jewels that can be found on the earth. She could be the climactic element of the MasterCard commercial: engagment ring, $1000; wedding, $5000; honeymoon, $3000; wife of noble character: priceless. The wife who fears the Lord is one who cares for the needs of her family above her own. She is a servant above all things, selflessly giving without calling for others to satisfy her needs. She is a woman of honor, constantly bringing praise to her home and her family because of the way she treats the people around her. She is hospitable, always opening her home and her table to take care of the travelor. She will go out of her way to speak words of kindness to someone who is hurting because she is gifted with compassion and mercy of God. She invests all her energy in her children, never balking at the commitment that it takes to raise up young men and women of God. She is a helper to her spouse, always giving of herself to assist him and enoucrage him and challenge him. She is intimate with the Lord God and faithful to her family. She is amazing and rare.

I am married to a priceless wife ... her name is Barie.

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Barie Sue said...


It is June 2nd, a couple of days after you wrote this blog - It is 11:05 p.m. I am tired - physically, mentally, emotionally and feel extremely dry spiritually at the moment. Both of our sons have cried most of the day. I had to call my mom for a little relief tonight because I felt that I was on the edge of insanity. I have not had a real conversation with you since Monday I think. You are currently engrossed in your paper which is due tomorrow. I miss you. I want to be the Proverbs 31 wife for you all the time, but today I have failed, as I seem to do often. I know you are tired of school work, I am there with you. I constantly wonder what it will be like to have you actually here with me and the boys every night, not just your physical presence, but your mental and emotional presence also. You are an incredible husband and father, so your absence is keenly felt when you are busy with other things. I love you. I don't think I'll get the chance to tell you tonight because I might start crying or yelling, which neither of those are good options for letting you know I love you. Good night. Maybe we'll get to talk tomorrow.