Monday, August 08, 2005

Future Trends 1: Blogging in the Church

I've just read a great article in Texas Baptist magazine that contains some thoughts about how the world is changing and what that means for the church. I'm going to use their outline as some talking points for future blogs about leading in the church.

Future Trend #1 = Blogging

Well, I read this article and felt pretty good about trying to use blogging as a tool in our youth ministry at FBO. However, I have not thought through all the ramifications that blogging (& its next-of-kin, pod-casting - more on that later) can have on the ministry of the local church. Here are some thoughts that I am having about how blogging could potentially shape the future of our ministries...

...blogging to do outreach and evangelism. I'm thinking that we might test this out when we do the Back 2 School Bash at the end of this month. I'm wondering if we can't get our teenagers to start blogging about the B2S Bash and get the word out to their friends online. I'm also thinking about doing some work on how to teach about doing evangelism using IM and blogs in the fall. I don't know - what do you think?

...blogging to keep people up to date on prayer needs in the church. We could post information, hospital information, requests from the people in need, pictures of new babies, etc. all on the prayer blog. And then people could post their specific prayers and words of encouragement to people who are needing to hear it. This could keep all of our people informed and praying for one another.

I don't know - do you think this blogging thing could be used any other ways in the church? Could we really begin to teach a "blogging for Jesus" training session? Maybe I'm out of my mind, and we should just stick to face-to-face relationships. Seems most of us have lost the skills to make those happen (but that's another blog topic). What do you think about blogging and future of the church?


Anonymous said...

Hey Keith what's going on. I haven't read any what this passage says except the words future trends
Anyways I think that a trend that we need is leadership between the youth. Because ever since this years past graduation our youth group has lost it's leaders. Our leaders used to be Danny and lyndsey and then the leadership role passed down to tim and luke for the guys and for the girls I would say Catie Moon. But now I can't think of who it would be I would much appreciate it if you would respond and tell me who you believe is our next leader because you "discipled" if you will, all the people that I mentioned earlier.
Honestly though, we may have a lot of people in our youth with a lot of knowledge and wisdom about the bible but we are missing people who have the more important charisma and outgoingness to step up and be a leader.

Keith Ferguson said...

A few thoughts...

First, it is always a good idea to leave your name when you are blogging so that I know who I am having a conversation with.

Second, when I'm talking about future trends, I'm not really talking about future trends in the FBO Youth Group per se, but I'm using my personal blog as a discussion of what might be shaping the church worldwide in the future. This is not really a blog about my church at all, as much as it is a discussion about the future shaping of any church.

Third, as far as leadership in our youth group is concerned, I agree with you that we have had stronger classes of leaders the last two years. This year's senior class is very small, though I am excited about what Brady & Ryan & Britney & others can do when given the opportunity to lead. The junior class behind them is large, and I'm expecting them to pick up the ball in a major way this year. They have rested on the ability of others to lead for a long time now, and hopefully will be forced to take some ownership this year.

Fourth, leadership is not just about who I have discipled. It is about those who are called by God to lead actually stepping up to lead. I don't build leaders - God does. And those leaders have to respond with obedience to his call.

The current vacuum of leadership in our group does not stress me out in the least, but actually energizes me to think about who will step up and take ownership in the future.


tim horton said...

Okay, I agree that Keith has done an amazing job of discipling us...but we ALL attend the same Wed. nights and Sun. mornings, and there's no "special" classes for leadership. Leadership is identifying the need and rising to meet it. There's no better breeding ground for this than the so-called "vacuum" of leadership evident right now...if there are no leaders, someone will step up. But it's a choice, and a calling, not a gift from Keith. And take it from me, there are many times when it sucks unbelievably, but it's well worth it in the end. I might even go as far as to argue that leadership is a spiritual gift that you may have, based on your concern...but names are nice.

Elizabeth said...

I love the idea of blogging for Jesus. Anything to get people's attention in this fast-paced world for the good can't be wrong. Give it a try!!!