Monday, September 05, 2005

Random Thoughts

As you probably can tell from the last week, I'm not sure personal blogging is going to excel during the school semester. I have so much to write about (mind is racing with new things), but time is at a premium right now. I thought tonight I would just recommend a few blogs that I am reading for your consumption if you have a few extra minutes.

The first is by Sandra Glahn who is my creative writing prof at the seminary. Her writing is specialized in the areas of reproductive issues and sexuality. She is a wonderful writer. You can read her latest work at

The second is by Brent McKinney, who was my youth pastor a decade ago. He is a very authentic person, and I enjoy checking in monthly to see what is happening in his world and with his family. His oldest daughter turned fourteen this week - I used to make up bedtime stories for her when she was four. I'm getting old. You can read his stuff at

Happy reading.

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