Monday, October 17, 2005

Abortion Article

I just finished one of the best pieces on abortion I have ever read. This op-ed appears in tomorrow's Washington Post, and it moved me deeply when I read it tonight. Please encourage everyone you know to reflect on the powerful message in this wonderfully written article. Post your comments here on what you think...


Darren Bravenec said...

hey keith I agree with you that this is a very powerful statement and I think that those who are hoping for a perfect baby or one with out defect, should stop trusting modern medicines because they can't predict that there child is going to be a bully in school or a drug addict or the president. There are so many things in this world that I believe science should get the heak out of and start worrying about new energy resources not on new reason for killing innocent babies or trying to disprove things that others believe in.
Me personally I hate almost every type of science other than biology and anatomy because that helps in our hospitals. But anyways back to the babies. People look for and search for ways to see if there baby is going to be "normal" when really "normal" doesn't exist. If there are people out there that are waiting for a perfect baby then tell them that there is no such thing unless their child later in life follows Jesus and when they go to heaven recieve the perfect body. Aside from that the only way a human being can be perfect is only to an individual, like you and Barry (sorry if I mispelled her name I think she'll forgive me though) I bet that you and her think that your two boys are perfect. Why because they are from ya'll and they're your kiddos. and I'm sure that most parents think the same way about their own kids.
Anyways I got homework to do .

Caitie said...

Hey Keith,
(good article.)
My mom was telling me about something brought up about a past interview of Harriet Meiers. She said that she was pro-life, unless the mom was in danger, life-threatening, of course. How does that line up with the bible? I'm just curious, because I'm not sure if in that case, the mother has served her purpose and is supposed to die because of the child or if, biblically, it is right to abort the child to save the mother's life.
Thanks Keith!

Dionne said...

What is even worse than the idea of having the "right" to select whether you will have a baby with a disability or not is the fact that Obstetricians are required by law to offer the prenatal testing that checks for Down's Syndrome and other genetic disorders. If they don't give the mother the opportunity to "select" normalcy, they can be tried for malpractice! How ridiculous is this? Our doctor offered the test to us for Jacob and we declined. Afterwards, she said that is the way she would go if / when she ever had a baby, but she was required to suggest it. She did not even bother with Emma because she knew where we stood on it. Our society is so screwed up if we can sue because we were not given the option to abort a baby.