Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Catalyst Day #1

After a few labs with leading thinkers today and some discussion time with my wife, I am thinking…

…that those outside and inside the church are tired of all the talking and want to be more involved with doing. Endless sermons and Bible studies and small group discussions are wearing everyone out with the talking – people need to be led into the doing.

…that the church fools itself into thinking it is a place where reality is addressed when many issues that the culture are talking about are never even touched inside the church. The church needs to speak the life-changing message of Christ in such a way that shows the world that we understand the world we live in.

…that the church will always be hopelessly behind the culture if we continue to model the methods of the church after the methods of the business world. Instead of leading the charge, the church in America is always about ten years behind the culture and destined to stay there when trying to copy and imitate. The church needs to drop its desire to be like the world and instead learn what it means to be the church in the world.

…that evangelism in the 21st century will only occur when the church gets more serious about showing the gospel. The church in America will continue to only reach the already convinced until it confesses up the fact that it has a major image problem in the non-Christian world. The church needs to get serious about repenting for past sin and serving the world to Christ. I would love to see the people of Christ serving so faithfully and passionately that pagan people ask us how they can become followers of Jesus.

…that honesty, authenticity, and transparency must begin with the leadership in the church if we every desire to see those traits in our people. The church desperately needs leaders who will commit to showing the gospel on top of teaching the gospel.

…that the crises of the church of the 21st century in America is a crises of leadership, and that 75 churches will continue to close every week in this country until leaders begin to call the church to missional living and service.

…that we all need to look harder for the work of Jesus around us. He is alive today, and He is active in the world, but we are missing Him. There is nothing more powerful in life than to join up with what God is already doing in the world.

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Danny Burch said...

Hey brother, thanks for the update. It is amazing to read what God is teaching you guys there. Continuing to pray for yalls trip and safety- Danny