Thursday, October 06, 2005

Catalyst Day #2

After sitting through the amazing main sessions at Catalyst today with Andy Stanley, Louie Giglio, Donald Miller, and John Maxwell, I have been thinking...

...that progress never warrants compromise as a leader. I see times in my future when I will be tempted to compromise my biblical principles for the sake of making quick progress as a leader. I have decided today by God's grace I will never compromise my integrity for the sake of moving forward. In other words, I have chosen to say that the person I become is more important the progress I make.

...that we have committed the error of worshipping music rather than worshipping the Creator. We have come together in community and sung songs of "worship" to our Lord for years and never surrendered the areas of sin in our lives that we struggle with. We have talked a good game, looking for the hottest worship "experience" without truly surrendering all of our identity and life to the Lordship of Jesus. I have failed to communicate to others that worship experiences without worship lifestyles lead to dead faith.

...that I need to repent before God for my lack of connections with His world. I have been so enveloped by the Christian subculture that I hardly know many lost people. I'm not talking even being friends with non-Christians, but just knowing them. I have lost all relationships with people that are without faith, and I have lost a voice into this godless world. I need to start noticing that other people exist, and I need to start valuing others above myself. I have looked out for number 1 for too long, and in the process, I have lost sight of a hurting world.

...that in order for me to be the Leader that God uses, I have to be passionate about making a real difference in this world and know what God is calling me to do. I have to find that one thing that God has wired me and built me to do, my passion and my calling. And then I have to do that one thing with all my heart. I am hungry to fulfill God's call on my life, and passionate about obeying the Lord as He clearly puts that picture before me.

...that God is so good.

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