Saturday, December 03, 2005

2-Year Old Eyes

Today, my parents and I took Kade to watch the Children's Parade in downtown Dallas (along with everyone in the metroplex who had small children and thought that this was a beautiful day for a parade). I'm not normally a big parade guy, but I would have stood by that street in downtown all day to give Kade the chance to see the marching bands and the floats and cartoon characters. For some reason, as we get older, we lose the ability to live with a sense of wonder. I don't know if this curse has it's source in our arrogant understanding that we've seen everything before or in the fact that we don't want to seem to enjoy anything in this life too much. Maybe we have come to terms with the fact that this life is only about suffering (which it definitely contains) and refuse to laugh or smile or cheer or wave or cry in our excitement about anything. How sad.

I want to return to the ability to see life through the eyes of my two-year-old son. I crave to enjoy the small things of life every day instead of becoming overwhelmed by the unknowns. My son doesn't fear tomorrow (in his case because he has no comprehension of what "tomorrow" means or what "tomorrow" brings), while some days all I can think about is what is coming around the corner. Jesus said something about letting tomorrow worry about itself, but to enjoy today for itself. A number of deaths have occurred around me lately, and they have served to remind me that tomorrow is not guaranteed. As John Ortberg says, "the definition of the fool in this life is the one who plans for every contingency, but fails to plan for the one sure event that will occur in his life - death." I am asking God to continue to help me plan faithfully for my future, but not to allow that tendency to steal my joy today.

So here's to the joy of looking at life through the eyes of my son and the eyes of the Son.


Caitie said...

a good reminder.
So many times I get caught up in all my questions about the future and trying to figure out what's going on months in advance, while God just wants me to take this life a day at a time...

Darin said...

my favorite is his joy at seeing an airplane - that used to be really cool to me. i love his breathless gasp and finger point to the sky. your kiddos bring so much joy to my life - thanks for letting me be a part of theirs!

Darren Bravenec said...

Hey guys. I wish I could be two again to keith but I can't but then again I wouldn't know christ if I were so Im content with my age and also I don't think that planning too far ahead is a good idea because anything can ahppen and then we are still waiting for Christ to comeback and then our plans wouldn't mater.
p.s. goto

Franki said...

I too have been around to much death and sadness lately, that's why i cannot express how great it was to give up a day to doing nothing but playing in a tent and experiencing it through your two year olds eyes( I never even knew I liked tents). I would not have traded that day for anything!!