Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Future

The last couple weeks have been a time of real prayer and reflection for my family. I have fasted from blogging in order to take time out to spend more time in prayer and planning for the future. As many of you probably have already heard, we have accepted a position to be a church planting pastor with Hill Country Bible Church NW in Austin. After praying hard about the Lord's will, we have sensed his direction in uniting our hearts with this amazing church's vision for reaching Austin with the gospel. The church officially made us an offer for the position last Thursday, and we accepted on Friday. We are signing the lease today on a house about 1.5 miles from the church, and we should be moved in by December 30th. The Lord has helped me to finish seminary (which felt like it would never come) and has directed my steps throughout this process. I am truly not worthy of the wonderful grace that God has shown me in providing for our needs and guiding our path. So, long story short, we move in two weeks, and I start as a church-planting pastor on their staff on February 1st.

Please be praying for us during this transition. Our nerves are already on edge because of moving, but our hearts are hurting over leaving our friends and family in the DFW metroplex. We know that we are not leaving relationships, but just putting greater distance between us and the people we love. However, we know that fulfilling God's purpose for our lives is more important than our own comfort. We are truly excited to see what new friendships and adventures God has in store for us in Austin. Pray especially for our families as we move 3 hours away from them with their grandkids - and pray for us adapting to not having babysitters ready all the time! Please pray that God will help us grow spiritually during this year of residency. I am excited to see how I am going to develop during this year of planning and preparation. Finally, please pray for my wife and kids to handle the move and the transition easily as well.

Our last bit of overwhelming news came last Saturday as we were visiting Austin. We found out Saturday night that we are expecting our third child. We have always wanted more kids (just not this soon!), but we recognize that we really have no control over this process. Barie was using birth control and we still got pregnant. The third child should arrive sometime around the middle of August. We are excited because we know that life is a blessing that God gives, and we know that God will provide for our needs, but honestly, we are scared about having three little ones in a new town. Pray for our sanity.

As I'm back into the blogosphere, check out my devotional site,, for new devotionals starting today. Also, I am binding an edited version of my devotional study through Jeremiah that appeared on my blog in June, July, and August this year. Shoot me a note if you want a copy of this study, and I'll see what I can do.


Caitie said...

so this next one better be a girl.
I'm excited about y'all in Austin.
(praying for you guys.)

Rich Kirkpatrick said...

Hey, great news! (found you on a search for another blog) I served for three years as the Worship Pastor at HCBC NW. Blessings to you on your adventure. I have been a part of 2 church plants, so I love it!