Saturday, January 07, 2006

How does she do it?

You guys can be praying for my wife tonight - she came down with the flu yesterday. Barie never runs a fever, but she woke up early yesterday morning running about 101 degrees. She ached all over and has been sneezing every five seconds. So, to pick up the slack, I have been taking care of two boys and one sick wife the last two days. And after two days, I have only one question - how does she do it?

Let's just pray that Barie gets well quickly. This has been a good test for us, living in Austin away from family and old friends, and trying to deal with sickness. We are making new friends quickly, however, and tonight, one of the staff wives brought dinner to us at the house. We were supposed to eat over at their home, but we didn't want to share the flu with their young children - that would have made for any ugly first impression. Barie's temperature has receded tonight, and I'm hoping that she is past the worst part of it - with these viral infections, you just kind of have to wait it out. I think God has sent us through this for two reasons: one, for me to realize again as the slow husband how hard Barie works to take care of our home and nurture our two sons; two, for us to realize again that this whole adventure of living with God is built on faith. We all have to trust God to lead us and guide us as we walk with Christ - even when that takes us to strange places (read Austin).

Our home is finally unpacked, and since we put pictures on the walls and got the boxes out of the house, the home-feel has arrived. Just pray for Kade - he's still trying to figure out when we are going home, and he's not sure why Douglas and Darin don't live in their old house either. He'll adjust though - in fact, he's probably doing better than us because he wants to be friends with every person he meets (hope you can hear him screaming "hey Kids!" at every child that he sees). I just hope he starts sleeping through the night again :)

As always, our home is open to anyone who would like to venture to Austin to visit us - we would love to see you and share our hearts with you for reaching this city with the gospel.

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Marni said...

Barie Sue, I am SO sorry you have been sick. I've been praying...

We miss you guys so much :( But I am so glad you are adjusting well and making friends.

Keith, we are praying for your new ministry and we expect GREATNESS from it. I can't wait until we get to come see it in action...

We love all 4 1/2 of you. Give the boys and Cosby a kiss from us.