Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lots of News

Update from Austin...

We moved into our new house last Friday here in Austin, and life has been going so fast that I haven't had time to sit and blog until now. Barie and I have been unpacking our house for the last four days straight, but the house is finally starting to feel like our home (pictures on the wall make all the difference). I have lots to blog about on this site and on my devotional site coming later this week, so check back often. Our DSL gets connected tomorrow, so we should be good to go. I'm mooching off one of our neighbor's wireless connection right now. God is already beginning the process of stretching us as we look forward to church planting. As I've told many of you before, you never really know how strong (or weak) your relationship with God is until you are forced to depend solely on Him. I'm starting to think that we mistake stability and comfort for maturity in the Christian faith. Barie and I have struggled with moving from our friends and family just 2 1/2 hours away - how would we handle it if God called us to go international? That may be a very real possibility in our future, and I want to stay open to God's lead, and I want to be prepared to get uncomfortable for the sake of God's kingdom. Here's hoping that your not mistaking comfort with your routine for closeness with God.

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Caitie said...

Good to hear an update; glad things are going smoothly.