Monday, January 30, 2006

Marathon Sunday

What a day we had yesterday! The excitement in our hearts is really building as we witness the work of the Holy Spirit around us. Here's a few highlights.

We went to early service at NW to see
Douglas sing with the choir, and they did a great job. The worship was really inspiring. We stayed through about half of Tim’s sermon (which was great), but then we had to leave to get over to HCBC Pflugerville’s second service. The pastor at Pflugerville, Danny Box, really brought it yesterday -– they are going through a vision campaign called Deep in the Heart, which really seems to be preparing the people for church planting in the next year as a way to make their vision a reality.

We met with the elders from Pflugerville until about 3:00 PM to continue seeking out the Lord's will for their church plant, and they asked all kinds of questions. It went really well. We are excited to continue our dialogue with them over the next couple weeks and see where it leads. They are a neat group of guys, and their story as a plant is really remarkable. One guy even found a letter to the editor of the Baptist Standard that I wrote four years ago and asked me about it - shows how you really can find anything on the web!

We didn't get home last night until about 5:00 PM from all that (we drove up to northeast Round Rock to see where the Pflugerville church is talking about planting), and then we stopped by to talk with Douglas and Darin for a little while. But when we got home, all the kids from the cul-de-sac where out playing because of the beautiful weather, so we had to take Kade to play with them. We met another couple that lives two doors down from us (Rob and Carry) that have three kids. They are a neat couple, and we are hoping we have a chance to get to know them better soon. After standing out in the street and talking, we got invited to have dinner with another family that has three little kids (3 years, 2 years, and 7 months) -– shrimp and pasta, rock on! I'm excited to get to know them better. They are an interesting family. Please pray for us that we will represent Christ well as we reach out to our neighborhood with the love that Christ has put in our hearts for them.

I start work at NW on Wednesday, so I am getting really excited about what God has in store for us in the next year. Thanks for everyone's prayers and support for what God has called us to do.


Marni said...

Hey Keith! It sounds like things are working out so well for you guys and Dane and I are really excited to hear that! I'm glad God is giving you some neighbors that have "friend potential" Some of our closest friends used to live across the street from us.

Give Barie and the boys a big hug from us. We're continuing to pray for you guys (and miss you all too!)

Love, Marni

Danny Burch said...

Hey buddy... Sounds like you guys are really excited! I can tell by the way you type and all... It's good to hear God has been blessing you guys and your ministry.. Well a lot has been happening up north! I will be sure to keep you updated... God bless brother... Tell Barie and the boys hi for me

Darren Bravenec said...

Keith how cool is it that God has blessed you and baries faithfullness with three kids, the Kade and Camedon are awesome so I can't wait to see what the next one will be. For ya'lls sake I hope its a girl cause three boys will get into trouble.

well hope you guys enjoy it there and God Bless