Monday, February 27, 2006

Church-Planting Guru

Of all the guys doing work in church-planting right now at a research level, none is as well versed as Ed Stetzer. Ed has a Ph.D. in the area of church-planting, and he leads much of the church-planting research and development for the SBC's North American Mission Board. Ed has planted several churches himself, and now is throwing his experience and training behind an effort to equip more church planters and connect more church-planting churches with each other. His website ( is one of the best out there on the topic of church-planting. He has tons of good resources (free), and links to a wide range of other church planting ministries. (Interesting side note for church-planters: as I scanned through many of the websites that Ed has linked from his home page, I could tell within a few seconds if I was going to spend time reading the content of the website based on the professionalism of the design - I hope that we don't make that same mistake in designing websites for our church plants.) Ed has authored several books, but his most recent work called Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age is an excellent read for someone wanting to get a good biblical and historical overview on the necessity of church planting and the basic nuts and bolts of how church planting works. Ed has his Ph.D. from Southern Seminary in Kentucky.

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