Sunday, February 12, 2006

Da Vinci Code

The next several months will be an interesting time when more people will be interested in issues of text criticism than maybe any other time in the life of my ministry. While seminary guys discuss textual issues with some interest during classes and late night study sessions, Dan Brown has brought the rest of America into the discussion. It seems that almost everyone I've met has an opinion on Brown's book; the latest stats that I've seen show that over 40 million Americans have now purchased The Da Vinci Code. The reason that interest is peaking again is because the blockbuster movie with Tom Hanks is due to open in May. My pastor, Tim, announced to the men at this year's Men's Retreat that he was going to preach a series based on the Da Vinci Code around Easter as a primary evangelistic push for the church. As interest increases, we who know Christ, must be prepared to share the truth about the Bible that we trust and the history that gave us our Bible.

A great website has been set up called Da Vinci Code: The Challenge that will serve as a resource to believers who are trying to debunk the many false claims made by Dan Brown. A group of wonderful scholars will submit articles and lead discussion on the truth behind the novel. I hope you will take a moment to look over the resources available there. Also, please spend a minute to read this blog posting by Sandi Glahn; she has published in full a review done by Dan Wallace (a premier NT scholar at DTS) on a book claiming that many earlier manuscripts change significant doctrinal beliefs that Christians hold today (not true). Our job as followers of Jesus Christ is not to scream at these authors because of what they say, but to use the dialogue that they create to point people to the Living Savior.


Anonymous said...

This website is set up by a group called Grace Hill Media, a PR group that takes as its task the job of marketing movies to Christians. So, in short, Sony has paid off Christians to get other Christians to buy tickets (aka line the pockets of those who produce this drivel) and to get them to believe they must see this movie in order to "dialogue" about the issues.

It strikes me as very shady.

See this blog for more information

Caitie said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but I was wondering if you had that page saved somewhere on your computer that listed all the "this core belief leads to this action" sheet.
I was thinking about that today, and would like another copy if you still have it.
If you could just email it to me, that would be great!

Darin Hallam said...

well, after reading the blog on wallace's review, my brain is thoroughly tired :-)

with regard to DaVinci Code the movie, i can't wait to see it. the book was well-written and engrossing. and beyond that, it opened up dialogue about Christ and the church with my boss and my stepfather, both of whom never really want to talk serious issues of faith.

i think, too, that it's important to use Hollywood where we can to connect with non-believers or confused believers about topics of the faith. i'm not suggesting we go see Brokeback Mountain as a youth group, BUT when movies like Narnia and DaVinci Code and even Passion of the Christ can allow discussion that is normally taboo in the workplace or in social gatherings, let's take advantage of those opportunities and not just give a knee-jerk slam on Hollywood when they produce something out of line with our Christian beliefs.

and because i'm a lame-techy, i will risk double-signing this so as not to appear anonymous in case i can't figure out how to sign it in the right way below :-)

--Darin Hallam