Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Military Guys

I've started my first day today at work, and things are rocking right along. I am dealing with information overload (which you always do at first with a new job) and the fact that I have a hard time with names and I've met so many people in the last few days! But, I am encouraged by how God is leading in this whole process. We feel so encouraged by the kindness and passion of the people at HCBC.

I want to ask for prayers for some of my former students who are now serving in our nation's military. I just got word in the last week from Joey Graves (who is serving with the Army Reserve as a chaplain's assistant) that he is being deployed to Germany to work with the hospital chaplain for the next year. Hospital ministry is a difficult and draining assignment, but also one with lots of opportunity for sharing the gospel. Please pray for Joey as he serves our nation in Germany. I also got word that Andy Ellsworth (who is finishing up his training with the Marine Corp MP school) that he may be deployed to serve in Japan for 2 years after he finishes his training. Both of these guys are close to my heart and strong servants of Christ. I would ask you to please pray that they would stay close to the Lord during their time away. Thanks!

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