Monday, March 27, 2006

Blogging Future?

I've had some interesting conversations recently with many people about the future of blogging. I've like to share a few ideas and get your feedback on where you think it is headed. I enjoy the blogosphere because it allows me to keep up with other people who I don't see very often and allows me to see what's happening in their life quickly (verses a longer phone conversation). Also, I like the dialogue it creates about ideas, helping people to discuss things long distance (again without huge time commitments). I recognize, however, that blogging may lead fewer people to be good at the face-to-face conversation (though text-messaging and emailing also lead to this problem) and create more surface-level relationships where people think they are connected without really being connected. I saw a great cartoon the other day where a teenager is coming in the door from school, and the parent says to him, "I know I can read about your day at school on your blog, but I'd really like to hear it from you directly!" What an interesting world we live in.

As far as ministry, I think we have just stratched the surface for the uses of blogging. I like the openness and authenticity that people bring to the blogosphere (though I'm sure it could become another place for people to wear masks), and I again like the dialogue. I see blogs being used more and more for prayer needs, church discussions, and vision-casting. I'm still working out some of these uses in my mind as I look forward to church-planting in 2007. Brian Russell has some good thoughts HERE on how he understands the usefulness of blogs for pastors. We'll see.

So, what do you think? Where are we headed with blogs?

btw, I'm out the next couple days for staff retreat, so no more blogging until Thursday.

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