Friday, March 03, 2006

Intentional Evangelism / Discipleship

This week, I had one of those revelation moments where God reminds you of something you have known for a long time, but maybe forgot somewhere along the journey. It was during a meeting with the Evangelism Pastor this week that God reminded me that if I don't schedule something intentional on my calendar for the week, it won't happen. Now, I know that sounds crazy simple, but the reality is that unless we schedule time into our week for evangelism and discipleship, they just won't happen on their own. I wish that were not the case, but for most of us, sharing our faith and walking next to someone in their faith while they mature are not regular parts of our weekly routine. In other words, we know that God asks us to do them, but unless we are intentional about them, they just won't happen. This makes sense to me in numerous ways: first, our depraved nature moves toward selfish passivity more than activity; second, our insecurities and fears drive us away from boldness in evangelism and discipleship; and third, the enemy does not desire to see us used by God to effect life-change in other people. So, long story short: we have to put time on the weekly calendar to invest in relationships with unbelievers, and we have to put time on the weekly calendar to mentor other believers. Most churches have been made ineffective for the kingdom because they quit reaching people with the gospel and simply begin to attract other Christians to their flock. And most Christians have been make ineffective for the kingdom because they are too busy (and apathetic) to put new relationships on their calendar. Where is our intentionality in reaching out to those beyond and building up those within?

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