Thursday, March 30, 2006

Two Sad Leadership Principles

I had a fascinating conversation this week during the staff retreat with one of the staff members who has been a part of the leadership development team at the church. HCBC is working to create a leadership development movement within the church to support the vision to reach Austin (& to sustain an ever-increasing church planting movement). In the process of creating a leadership culture, the leadership development team interviewed an influential leadership researcher who used his dissertation to research the top 300 Christian leaders in the nation. At the end of 7 months of traveling the nation to personally interview these leaders, this researcher came to two startling conclusions about these successful Christian leaders. I'm wondering what you think about his conclusions:

1) That these leaders were very successful in the professional relationships, but weak in the personal relationships.

2) That these leaders were very passionate about the work they were doing for God, but not very passionate about God.

These two statements deeply convicted my heart; I hope that those of us who lead in the church of Jesus Christ don't fall into these traps. The one notable exception to the second conclusion was Bill Bright. The researcher said that when he interviewed Bill Bright, Bill spend an hour and a half talking about Jesus, weeping through much of the time. The researcher continued to ask questions about Crusade, hoping Bill would talk more about the ministry, but he just wanted to talk about what Jesus meant to him and how Jesus had changed his life. Too sad that Bill is the exception and not the rule.

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Brent said...

Part of the problem might have been in choosing the "top 300" Christian leaders.

If leadership is really servanthood, you'd likely find more encouragement in the research findings by talking to the guy at the senior citizen's home, or the pastor at the same small church for 20 years, or at an orphanage in Mexico or get my point right?

Sure, it's a sexy research and findings that will challenge and encourage folks, but in my experience, I'm encouraged by the infantry doing the work in the trenches. They all seem to inspire and encourage me as they are passionate about Christ and can't help but do their ministries because of that reality.