Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bucky over Mandisa?

I've gotten sucked into American Idol this year for the first time (maybe it's not having school work every night), but I was really disappointed last night with Mandisa getting the boot, and not just because of her testimony of faith in Jesus. She might not have been the best vocalist in the group, but she is way better than several who are still in the group. I mean - you're gonna tell me Bucky "you can't understand a word I sing" Covington is better than Mandisa? Please! I don't know if I can make it to the end, now. But if I do, it will only be to support Chris - rock on!


darin hallam said...

douglas and i take full blame for sucking you down with us into the abyss of american idol addiction!
unfortunately, since i don't vote, i can't complain too much, but yes, Mandisa was robbed. now i have to root for Taylor.

Dionne said...

I too was disappointed in Mandisa's departure. Bucky should have never made it this far. I have always liked Taylor too. I am worried for him now.