Thursday, April 06, 2006

Jesus Walked on Ice?

Check out this garbage on WP this morning. I've got a better possibility: maybe it actually happened. This rhetoric passes as research? The attempts to explain away the miraculous life and works of Jesus Christ will never cease. I'm glad my faith is not dependent on the understanding of researchers today, but on the life-changing reality of Jesus.


Marni said...

And now what about this big production over the new fish fossil that was discovered in the Canadian Arctic? The fossil has legs and now U of Chicago (I think) is saying it's tangible proof of evolution.

I was having SUCH a good day and now I find out my ancestors used to be a really ugly fish?? ;)

darin hallam said...

and how about the gospel of Judas? we saw something about that this evening on tv. apparently national geographic is doing a cover story soon.

Dionne said...

I too saw the fish thing on the "news". What angered me was the reporter never used the words Theory of Evolution. I am sitting there thanking God that my kids were not in the room, listening to this british reporter explain where we undeniably came from!

And Marni is right - it was an ugly fish!

I also heard briefly about this Judas stuff, no details, but I do not understand why scientists spend so much time and effort trying to explain away people's beliefs when we have so many more important things they could be doing - cures for anything, fixes for global warming, alternate fuel sources, etc, etc, etc. It seems as if their whole goal in life is to prove to people that don't need or want that kind of proof.