Monday, April 17, 2006

Online Sermons

Several online items I would recommend to you...

First, our church (HCBC) has started a series called, Searching for Truth in the Da Vinci Code. Pastor Tim did an awesome job yesterday morning talking about the novel and relating the truth about the person of Jesus. I would encourage you to go HERE to listen to his sermon. It is the first in a three week series. Next Sunday will be about the reliability of the Bible, and week three about the church's historical relationship with women - very interesting stuff.

Second, I would encourage you to listen to Andy Stanley's sermon (he is the pastor of Northpoint Community Church in suburban Atlanta) called Imagine. He is another DTS grad who has a real heart for those disenfranchised from the church. His major premise is that the church should reflect Jesus in the way we relate to sinners - bringing them to God, not pushing them away from God. His second sermon in the series is called House - one of the best I've listened to in a long time. Listen HERE.

Finally, my sermon from Stillpoint last night (on responding to the passion of God - the death & resurrection of Jesus) will be posted some time this week HERE. I hope you enjoy. It was a life-changing message for me to prepare. I hope it blesses you.

May God richly bless you this Easter season 2006 as you meditate on the fact that He is not here, for He has risen.

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Brent said...

I can honestly say I'm not digging Northpoint's failure to offer free podcast downloads. While I appreciate the free listening if I'm sitting at my computer, the odds of me listening for half an hour in one spot aren't that great.

Now, I can assure you I won't.

Charging for podcasting? You're kidding, right?