Thursday, April 27, 2006

Process & People

Point #1: I've been reminded this week of a key for church-planting and investing our lives in the kingdom of God. There are something like 50 exhibitors here with all kinds of church planting products, from leadership development to networking to web-site hosting to marketing & outreach. All of them are offering great products that will be helpful for planters, but they illustrate an amazing struggle for modern planters: if I just have the right strategies and steps and programs, then I will surely build a healthy church. But I think too many new church leaders will struggle with forgetting that people are the priority, not the process. I am a detailed kind of leader, and I could see myself working hard at checking the boxes and making sure tasks were completed, that awesome programs and processes were in place. But I believe (and have been reminded this week) that church planting (and all ministry) is ultimately about people. Are we connecting with unchurched people intentionally and are we connecting with our church family authentically? With all the right programs and processes in place, I am convinced that the church will not grow without passionate focus on connecting with people. More later...

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