Monday, April 10, 2006

Two Priorities

In my personal time with God, I've been thinking a lot about prayer lately. In Mark 1, Jesus begins His public ministry with such authority (in His teachings, over illness and demonic forces), and the author takes time to make sure that we know the source of Jesus' power - his intimate time alone with the Father (see Mark 1:35-37). In my own experience, I have found that two of the most central tasks of the church - prayer and evangelism - are also the two hardest disciplines to keep our eyes focused on. I think most people don't believe that prayer actually works (and thus, don't do it), and I think most people don't want to do evangelism (for a myriad of reasons that usually center of self-absorption). I have been asking the Lord lately to help me as a church planter keep prayer and evangelism as the heart-beat of our church (by specifically making them my heart-beat - not quite there yet!). May our intimacy with the Father drive us to share our life-changing faith with those around us.

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