Monday, May 01, 2006

Kyle Lake's Legacy

I'm excited about what is happening with the effort to remember the life and work of Kyle Lake. I barely knew Kyle, enjoyed lunch with him one time while I was at Baylor, but I was deeply moved by his death last fall, especially since I have young kids as well. Some friends of Kyle are working to put together a short film that captures some ideas from his last sermon and highlights of his life. You can check out their work HERE, where you will find links to the web page with the trailer and the blog of the producers. From all I can tell, it will be a great look at his life and legacy. If you haven't donated to help his family out, you can do so by going to UBC's main website HERE, and following their instructions. Also, Kyle's talk at Catalyst last year about the future of the church can be downloaded off their website for free HERE (scroll to the bottom).

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