Monday, May 22, 2006

Rangers Baseball

I was able to make it to the Astros-Rangers game this weekend in Houston thanks to some wonderful tickets from my buddy Nick Shock. We were really suffering for the Lord that night with free parking right next to the entrance, seats five rows behind the visitor dugout, and free passes to the club level (where we could get our ballpark nachos without waiting in line). All in all, it reminded me of so many baseball games that I went to as a kid to see the Rangers in the old Arlington Stadium, and it made me want to share the gift of baseball with my sons. I can't even compare the difference of being at the game with trying to watch it on TV. Baseball on TV is one of those great activities to do when you want the TV on, but need to really work on something else. But baseball at the park is an experience...keeping score on the program, the smell of hot dogs & nachos, the sticky beer & soda mix under your feet, the drunk guy who always finds his way to your section by the bottom of the seventh inning. To me, you can't put a price tag on the whole experience...well, maybe you can & maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much more since someone gave us the tickets. ;)

And, are we all cheering for the Mavs to bring it home in game 7 tonight? Go Mavs!


Brent said...

Keith, I cannot tell you the joy of taking your children to see the Major Leagues.

And, of course, a steady diet of The Natural and Field of Dreams is a staple as well.

Dana said...

Keith, I think sharing the things you love with your children is the most precious gift you can give them. My dad shared with me the love of Kentucky Basketball and of course Texas A&M football.