Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Challenging Read...

As I've continued over the years to be challenged about how my understanding of Jesus have shaped my social views, I have become increasingly uncomfortable with some of my uncritical assumptions about the world. Shane Claiborne has reinforced many of my thoughts in his new work called Irresistible Revolution. Shane grew up in a suburban evangelical church, and yet he grew increasingly unsatisfied with how his faith was addressing incredible social injustices around the world. He wanted to know how those who followed after the Jesus of the NT could care so little (in their actions) about the needs of those suffering from the impact of poverty, racism, war, and injustice around the world. His book is not written to get us all to move into the urban ghettos and make our own clothes, but it is intended to challenge some of our major culture assumptions that we take to the New Testament. While more and more evangelicals are taking up the banner of addressing social issues (which I applaud), we must couple that with a primary concern for sharing that eternal hope is only found in faith in Jesus Christ.


Brent said...

There's a lot of stuff like this out there now...I'm very pleased with the stuff the younger believers are bringing to the table these days...and forcing people to re-think their beliefs and actions.

Marni said...

Did you ever meet Britney, Courtney's older sister?? In a few years time, I've watched her go from a nearly non-existent believer to a passionate, outspoken and active follower of Jesus Christ. As this was unfolding, Dane and I had been praying for God to show us where He is already working and to send us there. Britney and I talk everyday and she's been telling me how she feels this undeniable pull to serve homeless people who need not just clothes, food, etc, but the hope that only come from knowing Christ. Dane and I have felt that same pull too and now several of us have organized and go to a particular area of Dallas and try to meet the spiritual and material needs of these people. My conviction was hearing the Holy Spirit say to me over and over as we visited with a group of men outside a shelter, "He loves them too!!"

I'll grab this book you mentioned and get Britney one as well. It's funny to me...when Britney and I first started praying about how God is wanting to use us to help others, she emailed me the words to "Revolution" by the Beatles. I just cracked up since that song would randomly pop up in my head as I would pray and ponder where God would send us. Thanks for the entry and for mentioning the book. I can't wait to read it.

By the way, I laugh out loud at the Mac commercials. My favorite is the Japanese girl who starts chatting away with the Mac guy while the PC guy is standing there going "What?? What is she saying?? I can't understand her!!" That marketing exec needs a raise :) Hope you guys are well. Tell Barie we're praying as the big day is getting closer!!