Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dependence in an Independent Time

Today we celebrate our independence from England which was declared by Thomas Jefferson and the continental congress in 1776. 230 years ago, our nation was begun as a free and independent state, as the Declaration of Independence describes our new condition multiple times. As Christians today, maybe one of the greatest struggles we have today is submission to authority and understanding that God has structured life so that each one of us is dependent on others for our growth and survival. As Americans, we would like to think that we can do everything without help. Most Americans have run down the road of believing that we don't need help raising our kids or growing as people of character or doing significant things for others. The Bible would say otherwise. First, we desperately need God. The Bible is clear that we are unable to even breath without the providence of Almighty God. The highest height of pride is to believe that we can survive and thrive without acknowledging the Creator who gave us life and breath. God has wired the world so that a man's soul will wilt and die without being tied to his Maker. We need God. Second, we need each other. We are dependent on the body of Christ to encourage us and build us up and train us and challenge us when we are stuck in a rut, unable to take the next step in becoming like Jesus. We need help as parents, as spouses, as citizens, as children, as leaders, as followers. We need each other. It saddens me today to see how many people think they can do it on their own. I hope that we don't fall into that trap of believing that going it alone will produce any good lasting fruit from our lives.

On this July 4th, let's remember that we live in a great independent nation, but are wired by God to be dependent people.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder - "dependency" can be a huge step for those of us that are "control" personalities...
Let us be forever grateful for our independence as a country, but forever mindful of our "dependence" on God and others.
Have a wonderful 4th!
Love, Mom

Danny Burch said...

Hey brother... you know that girl you and Barie met at Luke's wedding? I proposed to her Monday night!