Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nothing to it...

Kamden came out of his ear-tube surgery with flying colors. We got to the hospital early, and they got us out of there by about 9:30 AM. The surgery itself was all of about ten minutes, and Kamden woke up after about an extra five minutes. The doctor said that Kamden had lots of fluid behind his ear drums, so he thought it was a great move for us to go ahead and get the surgery done. Hopefully, our happy kid will be even happier now that he doesn't have to struggle with all those ear infections. Thanks for the prayers!


Marni said...

Awesome news :) Yea for you Kamden!! I'm so glad you're okay and mom and dad are too...

And what is it with hospitals scheduling procedures at the crack of dawn? We'd like our surgeons to be wide awake thank you very much!

Speaking of, Peyton goes in for routine scans on Tuesday the 11th--gotta be in Dallas by 7:30 am (big sigh) But the good news is she's doing so well that they've eliminated the nuclear bone scan this time (2 hour test)and she's down to once a year with that test now. God is so good and so faithful :)



Tina Lopez said...

Great news about Kamden, I am glad you all are doing so great.
Love you all