Wednesday, August 02, 2006

End of the Spear

Barie and I watched the movie tonight called End of the Spear. It is the film about the impact of the 5 missionaries who gave their lives in the Ecuadorian jungle in the 1950s in order to take the gospel to one of the indigenous tribes in the region called the Woudani. The film centers around Nate Saint, the missionary pilot, because it was Nate sister, Rachel, who ended up spending her life with the Woudani people and seeing their whole tribal life transformed by the power of the gospel. Before this tribe was introduced to the Lord and His Word, they were killing each other at an unprecedented rate, risking the elimination of the entire tribe. But after the efforts of the five missionaries & their families in the 1950s and Rachel Saint's lifetime of work, the tribe found new life in Jesus Christ. Nick Saint's son, Steve Saint, moved his family from the US to live with the Woudani in 1995 after his aunt Rachel died of cancer. The film is a riveting and emotional retelling of this famous story, and one that needs to be retold frequently to remind us of the sacrifice required to take the gospel to every people group on the planet.

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