Saturday, August 05, 2006

Is Anybody the Real Deal?

Several items in the news cycle this last few weeks have reminded me why people are so jaded and cynical about anyway who claims moral authority or integrity. We read about sports athletes who cheat or politicians who steal or ministers who are sexually immoral or greedy, and we wonder with everyone else, is anyone the real deal? I have thought for many years that what I crave (and what I think most people crave) is authenticity from their leaders. They desire to follow people who are the same with every audience they come in contact with - people of integrity who do what they say they are going to do and actually believe what they proclaim. People who call us to greater heights not just with their lips but with their lives. I want the world to know that those kind of people exist - I am working with many of them right now. But I understand that the battle for trust and credibility in our culture today takes time. And so I pray for more leaders who are honest about their faults and who lead from a position of authenticity instead of hypocrisy. And I pray that my life would continue to be transformed every day by the grace of Jesus so that those who follow my leadership would be able to say with confidence, he's the real deal.

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