Friday, August 25, 2006

Kale Update...

The 24-hr & 36-hr results on the bacterial culture came back negative which is a praise. We are waiting for the 48-hr culture results tonight before they totally rule out bacterial meningitis. If they rule out any kind of bacterial infection, then we are for sure dealing with a viral meningitis. In that case, they will discontinue the antibiotics & continue the anti-viral medicine. The anti-viral medicine is for one serious strain of virus that they are testing for (that test comes back tomorrow). If the test tomorrow is negative, then we are most likely dealing with a common virus that Kale will fight off by himself, and we will probably come home Saturday evening late or Sunday. Continue to pray that all the tests come back with good reports & that we don't all go crazy in this little hospital room. Also please pray for the rest of my family at home (my mom and the other two boys). I know Kade and Kamden are not sure what is going on and why Mom and Dad are not home. Thanks!

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Dana said...

You have our prayers. I am thankful that all is coming back well.
Love you,
Dana and family