Saturday, September 02, 2006

What I've learned...

A few observations about life now that we are outnumbered in the home; a few nuggets that will shape my life for the next two decades...

...there will always be someone crying, upset, or hurt in my house who needs attention.
...illness that starts with one family member will most likely travel through all the kids and then to the parents.
...sleep is taken for granted until you don't have it any more. time is for people without kids and with grown kids.
...we will keep a few grocery stores in business with the quantity of food we put away (Sam's, here we come...) wife is a super-hero who manages to take care of all these boys during the day while I'm at work and still think about my needs.
...the day we move beyond diapers will be a beautiful day.
...the amount of love one person can have for his kids continue to amaze me.
...we will always need help from others to make it work (thank you grandparents and church family). hobbies will forever include changing batteries, reading children's books, fixing toys, finding missing pieces, and breaking up fights.
...we've seen more vomit in the last three years than I saw in my whole life up to that point.
...chaos is the rule, not the exception.
...we must stay on our knees, as God teaches us quickly the limits of our own self-sufficiency.

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lynnette said...

that scares me.