Thursday, October 26, 2006

Big weekend...

Our oldest son, Kade, is turning 3 yrs old on Halloween Day, but we are having his birthday party this Saturday morning. I can't believe my son is already turning 3. It really feels like he was just born yesterday. I know everyone says that time goes by so fast - but you don't really believe it until you start seeing your kids grow up right in front of you. It makes me want to make sure that we enjoy every moment and that I take seriously the stewardship responsibility I've been given from God to invest wisely in his life.

Then, Sunday evening, we have our first vision meeting for the church plant. I'm really excited to see who God brings us, to see the team that comes together to plant a life-changing church in north Round Rock.

Beyond that, we've got people coming over for dinner one night, we've got a project to work on, and we've got family in town. Never a dull moment in my family!

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Brent said...

Don't EVEN talk to me about not believing your child is 3. Kelsey has her learner's permit and drove me to her school and church stuff this week.