Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Closing Day

So, as we get ready to buy our first home this morning, I'm thinking a few things...

...that I hope I never have to write another check for the amount I will this morning to close on our house.
...that I'm glad my wife is in charge of picking paint colors and decorations for our home, because if I did it, the house would be one color and have only sports posters on the walls. Thank God for a wonderful woman in my life!
...that one of the funniest moments in my life so far was taking the boys to the final walk through yesterday and having them run as fast and as hard as they could through the empty house (and stop to ask me every 2 minutes, "daddy, can we run around?")
...that one of the not-so-funniest moments in my life will come soon when those same boys decide they don't like the newness of the house and find ways to break it in.
...that I am blessed beyond measure, that God's grace in my life is overwhelming.
...that we have a new neighborhood with lots of new families to get to know and having boys that never meet a stranger makes getting to know people a lot easier.
...that life goes by fast if we don't take time to sit and reflect and think and ask hard questions.
...that we should never stop dreaming about what God has in store for us in our future, that we should not cling to stability and safety as the highest values of life.
...that the church plant is really going to happen in 10 months.
...we have lots of work to do.


Anonymous said...

Wow...I'm tired and I haven't even arrived. Can't wait to see everyone. Miss ya!!!
Love, Mom

Brent said...

Closing on a house is definitely one of the most happy scary things ever...