Monday, November 13, 2006

6 kids?

So - we had a weird night tonight. We have started swapping kids with another family from our church every week so that they can go on a date one week and we can go on a date the other week. It really is a great set-up and we are enjoying the time with the kids and the free date nights. But, tonight was special - the other couple (Bret & Tomi) was dropping off their two boys and we were getting ready to handle five kids for a few hours while they went out for the evening. Considering the fact that we have three boys, we really have the better side of this agreement. Anyway, a few minutes after they arrived with their two boys, one of our new neighbors shows up at our front door with her two-year old girl. The mom speaks very little English and is trying to communicate to us (we think) that dad had to work late and she had to go take a test at her school & needs to leave the daughter with us. Now, remember this is not our next-door neighbor - they live across the street and down about three houses and we have met them only once before at the neighborhood cook-out. So, long story short, we had six kids in our house for about two and a half hours tonight. And you know what I'm thinking? Three is a good number.


Marni said...

What a handful--or houseful I should say. But how cool is it that of all the neighbors she went to in a pinch, it was you and Barie she felt comfortable approaching? Apparently your neighborhood outreach is really impacting your neighbors!! Keep it up. We'll pray for your energy and the well being of your new house ;)

Anonymous said...

What fun! There is a reason you are young. I remember those days when our house was the center for all the neighborhood. I love hearing these stories...ha.
Love, Mom