Monday, November 27, 2006


Walked the new Ikea in Round Rock tonight with my beautiful bride. We had our date night tonight, and since we figured we would never make it through the whole store with all three kids, we decided to go tonight and enjoy ourselves. The place is really something to see - I especially enjoyed seeing the small apartments that said "living in 536 sq ft" and showed how you could really live in a small amount of space if you didn't mind sitting on the toilet and being able to touch the refrigerator in the kitchen.

Overall impressions: there is a novelty about the place since you really won't find many other large home furnishing stores with a Swedish cafeteria in the middle of them (by the way, meatballs are good, salmon is bad). They really do have more stuff than I have ever seen under one roof. There is stuff there you would never know you needed until you visited and took a walk through the store.

On the flip side, however, the place is not built for people who shop like I do. My wife loved walking through all the model rooms and seeing everything for sale. She said it sparked creative ideas that she would use later. When I shop, on the other hand, I always go in knowing what I need to get and on a mission to get it. I very rarely browse through a store just looking at stuff. But Ikea is built to do just that. If you went in knowing that you wanted something specific and asked an Ikea employee where you could find that, you might get a blank stare or at best, a general area of the store. I'm much more a Home Depot kind of guy - you know, "yes, sir, you can find that 6 foot ladder on sale on aisle 15b." That's what I'm talking about.

Anyway, neat place - won't go back anytime soon unless I'm just craving one of their fresh cinnamon roles. ;)


Brent said...

We LOVE Ikea! Next time you're going you gotta let us know, Keith...we're about 15 minutes from there.

Keith Ferguson said...

Not the Frisco Ikea - they just put one down the street from us in Round Rock! (like 4 minutes from our house)

Brent said...

Then I'm about 4 hours and 15 minutes from that one.