Saturday, November 25, 2006


Like I said in my previous post, Barie and I had a great time this week getting away to talk about life, marriage, and parenting, and to review passages of Scripture that have to do with each. We learned a lot and discussed passionately what God is teaching us in the area of parenting. On that front, I want to highly recommend Tedd Tripp's book Shepherding a Child's Heart for everyone who is trying to raise kids who love God and have an abiding faith in the Lord Jesus. Tripp's material is so refreshing in how he places the gospel at the center of parenting and not just behavior correction. His book is saturated with Scripture (especially the Proverbs) as he tries to speak to parenting with biblical wisdom. His main premise is that most parenting today deals with behavior modification without ever addressing the root causes in the heart. His little book is easy to read and completely challenging to think about - he even does a good job addressing the heart of the parent and how that impacts the way we relate to our kids. I encourage every parent to get a copy.

Also - Cowboys win in style on Thanksgiving, A&M beats Texas for the first time in seven years, and the Mavs beat the Spurs in San Antonio to stretch their streak to eight in a row...could this weekend get any better? ;)


Caitie Moon said...

happy about Texas losing???
pssshhhh :)
living in austin and not loving the local team??
hope you're having a great one!

Brent said...

That is a good book.

Keith Ferguson said...

Moon - I normally holler for the local team, but I'm even more of a sucker for the underdog. And Texas wins so much that it is nice to see all the Texas fans at church eat some humble pie every once in a while (since we Baylor grads are used to doing that regularly) - :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The Cowboys will beat the Aggies the next time they play.

Go Aikman!