Friday, November 03, 2006

So Sad, But...

My Mavs threw it away last night & couldn't keep their winning streak against the Spurs going from the playoffs last year. To say the least, I was humbled at elder meeting this morning by having to face our defeat. Actually, I didn't get to watch much of the game last night because I sat down to view the game & my wife decided it was time for us to have a heart-to-heart. We rarely find time to have deep, soul-searching conversations anymore with three little kids, so Barie decided last night was the night. During the Mavs game.

But before you feel too sad for me, my wife did comment after our hour-long conversation that I am always more attractive to her after we have long talks. I don't think I will ever understand the female brain, but if that is all it takes to help her find me more attractive, I've got think of some more stuff for us to talk about when I get home from work today.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, the comments I could make at after reading this blog, but since I am such a sweet mother, I will refrain...Ha.
Love, Mom