Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wild Weekend

On Saturday morning, we had our second prayer walk for the church plant in Round Rock. You can read more about the prayer walk & read testimonies of those who were there on the RR-N blog HERE.

On Saturday night, our church hosted our Thanksgiving Back service where we enjoy a turkey and dressing dinner with our church family and take up a benevolence offering to fund the benevolence ministry of the church all year. It was an exciting time to give back from the many blessings God has given us all year.

On Sunday, we had to drive into Dallas because a friend of the family passed away in East Texas and she requested that I perform her funeral. She had been close friends with my grandmother for over 60 years. It was an honor to do her graveside service in Gilmer, TX yesterday with all of her friends and family there. She was an African-American lady, and the funeral had a different cultural feel than I am used to, but it was really awesome. Everyone shared deeply from their hearts about how Mrs. Hattie Camp had impacted them and lived out the love of Jesus for 94 years. Rest in peace with Jesus, Mrs. Hattie.

Other exciting news from this weekend - our good friends from Houston, Nick and Jada, had their new baby last night at 4:30 AM. And after having two girls, they finally got a boy. Congrats go out to the happy parents of a new healthy baby boy!

Life and death in the same weekend; life is precious. Let's enjoy every day that God gives us!

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