Tuesday, December 05, 2006

fun times...

I've been terrible about blogging over the last week. Life is going at a pace that is too fast right now. I guess everyone struggles to find time during the Holiday season. We had our second vision meeting on Sunday evening for the church plant, and it went really well. We had a neat time of worship and time to start building new relationships in the group. I'll post more on the church plant blog later this week.

In personal news, some of our heroes, Horace and Retta Heathman (a couple we know from our days back at Mt. Calm), came to see us yesterday. It had been too long since we had time together with them. They are one of those couples who simply walks with God and encourages all those around them. Just as we have been busy with our kids and ministry, they have been extremely busy with a project God has laid on their hearts: to build a Christian retreat center on their land outside of Waco. It has been amazing to see how they have been faithful to pursue the Lord's will for them later in their life. I pray that I am running hard after God in my later years and not simply sitting around enjoying what I did when I was young. They are a testimony to perseverance in ministry and faithfulness to the call over many, many years. We had a great time catching up with them yesterday afternoon.

We also enjoyed getting some time together with my parents this weekend. They came down on Saturday so that Mom could go with Barie to the women's Christmas event at our church in Pflugerville. One of our old neighbors, Callie, also went with Barie. They had a great time. Dad and I took the boys (all 3!) to Gatti-land, a local Round Rock pizza place that has a pizza buffet and tons of games for the kids. You have never seen so many people in one restaurant as we saw on Saturday night. We braved the elements so that the boys could enjoy the games, but I doubt that my dad will ever venture to the "pizza place" again. ;)

On Sunday afternoon (before the vision meeting), we took the boys to what our association called a "winter wonderland." They brought in two and a half truckloads of ice and made enough snow on this hill in our neighborhood for the kids to sled down. Let's just say that we were not prepared for the cold wind, the cold snow, or the amount of mud at the bottom of the hill. Another fun memory...but not so much wanting to ever do it again. It took Barie a whole load of laundry and a whole bottle of spray and wash to get the mud out of my clothes and the boys clothes.

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