Wednesday, December 20, 2006

God's Guidelines So Out of Date

This news report on new research related to premarital sex shows that very few people actually wait until their wedding night to have sex (around 5%). As a youth pastor who has worked with students for years and a father of three boys, this saddens my heart at a deep level. Our culture does not help our young men and women obey the Lord in this area. The pressure to be sexually active before marriage is strong. I can't remember the last time a TV or movie character was championed because of their obedience to God in this area. But beyond culture, our own depravity makes obedience in this area extremely hard. I know the struggles that young people face in this area; Barie and I dated for four years before we were married in college. However, God has blessed our marriage relationship because we reserved sex for our wedding night. I know that God gives us grace and forgives couples who stumble in this area, but I also know the rewards that go with waiting. May God help more of our young people follow this "out-of-date" biblical guideline so that they can celebrate increased sexual intimacy in their marriage.


Brent said...

Even in studies on the original "True Love Waits" teens (of which you and Barie were in year 3) they're finding that all it does is delay the first sexual intercourse by 18 months.

In other words, it kept them virgins until the 2nd semester of their 1st year of college.

However, the sky isn't falling. What I'm finding is that teens tend to learn from exprience. In other words, they might have sex...

...but then they realize they bought a lie (for a myriad of reasonings) and tend to wait after that. They're just not listening (trusting?) to the message, they seem to need to verify or deny it based on experience.

Maybe we should have a True Love Waits, Aftermath edition.

Keith Ferguson said...

I hear you...I just hurt for those who buy the lie and struggle with those who sell the lie.