Monday, December 25, 2006

Symbolic for Some, Life-Changing for Others

Merry Christmas from the Ferguson home 2006. We had a wonderful morning full of wide-eyed kids, new toys, new clothes, and a birthday cake for Jesus. The boys especially liked the fact that Jesus' birthday called for a slice of cake after breakfast. This must be something special if they get to eat cake after breakfast. As with all Christmas days, many will say how the symbols of the days are trans-cultural and even trans-religions, reminding us that the message of the Savior's birth is really an ancient metaphor for the hope that exists for all ordinary people. The story of His birth is claimed by all people as a reminder of how humble beginnings can lead to exalted status in the end.

However, the truth of Christmas is life-changing for those who have trusted in the baby born this day. No other God who is worshiped in this world cared enough to step out of eternity, enter our darkness, and invade our depravity so that we could have eternal fellowship with Father God. Today is not just a time to remember the symbol of the Christian holiday, but a time to encounter the living Jesus. He really came, He really died, He really rose again. The baby who grew into a man lives today, not just in an ancient book that points back to His life, but in reality. He sits at the right hand of the Father today, ready to come back to claim His creation for His eternal glory.

May Your Christmas be more that a day off work, a day between shopping days, or a time to simply give and receive. May it be a time to think on the Living One who was and is and is to come. Merry Christmas.

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