Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Father's Lesson on a Cold Day

We've had three days of staying at home now & everyone is starting to get a little jumpy. The boys want to run outside & we want them to run outside longer than a few minutes. I've had fun spending time with them playing toy trains and Candy Land, working puzzles and watching "Go, Diego, Go!" during the afternoon (we won't spend time talking about how much cooler the kid programming is today than when I was a kid - I never learned Spanish). But the longer that I spend indoors with the family, the more anxious I get about the amount of work that is waiting for me when I get back into the office. We've had to change our January Vision Gathering times for the church plant this Sunday (you can read more about this on the church plant blog) because our host church ended up moving their annual business meeting from last Sunday to this Sunday. All that to say that I'm going slightly crazy thinking about the stuff I need to work on at the office.

In the midst of all this at-home fun, the Lord really spoke to me today. I've been reading through Proverbs each morning recently and God is continuing to speak to me about whether or not I am wise or a fool in the way that I relate to him and to others. The passages in chapters 5-7 on how to avoid adultery and the corresponding verses in chapter 8 on how to walk in wisdom have really challenged me again on who I listen to. The adulterous woman in chapters 5 & 7 uses her seductive words to persuade the young man to follow her into destruction. On the flip side, wisdom is also calling out for us hear her as well. The question is primary in the book of Proverbs (especially in the early chapters when Solomon is giving instruction to his sons): who will we listen to as we walk through life? The wise king encourages his sons to fear God and walk with Him, to shun evil, and to listen to those who could give wise counsel.

I've always wondered as I've read these passages what God was teaching Solomon about his own spiritual life as he gave instructions to his sons. I consistently feel like I am growing in understanding God and His heart as I try to communicate love toward my sons. As I instruct them and discipline them, God continues to show me His view of me. Today was one of those moments for me. I saw Kade, my oldest, behind the recliner in our bedroom playing with a power chord for the lamp. I told him not to touch it, of course, and he said that he really wanted to. We went back and forth until I picked him up and put him on my lap and explained, "I know that you want to play with this chord, but daddy knows something you don't understand & I'm telling you not to touch it. When you want to do something, but daddy tells you not to, you need to trust me and not do it."

As soon as I said it, the Holy Spirit was all over me, saying, "now you know how I feel when you ignore what I tell you do in order to fulfill your own desires." Ouch.

Here's to trusting our Heavenly Father enough to believe that He knows better than we do when He gives us guidelines and instructions in His Word.

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