Friday, January 26, 2007

Go Craigslist!

I don't know if you have ever tried to sell anything online, but I've never had any luck with Ebay. Everyone bids on stuff at the last minute & I forget to bid OR I have trouble selling & don't want to mess with shipping stuff. So, I'm finding out that the hot new online selling site is craigslist. It is very simple & that may just be the beauty of it. The site functions as a simple online classified section that is broken down by city, genre of stuff your selling, and other things. You can search classified ads for stuff you're looking for. We haven't purchased anything on there yet, but Barie got rid of our cat about a 8 months ago with the service (and Jesse, our cat, went to a great family). I was skeptical, but this Tuesday I posted an ad for two pieces of furniture that we want to get rid of & wanted to see if we couldn't make a little money from - a roll top desk & a dining room table.

We offered it for free to any of our neighbors who might want it, but nobody said they did. So, I posted the ad Tuesday around lunch time, asking $50 for each piece. When I got home from work, I had 25 emails in my inbox asking to purchase the furniture. Unreal! I even had one lady post that she didn't have room for the roll-top desk, but that I should have asked $100 for it. You live & learn, huh? Too funny. Anyway, the couple that I picked to sell the furniture to came and picked up the two pieces yesterday from our house. They lived in South Austin & made the trek up here to get the desk & table. Win-win! So, I guess I'm sold now on craigslist. I'm looking around the house trying to find more stuff to sell. ;)


Anonymous said...

Good job, but don't sell Gran's rocker...Karen might want it. Ha.
Love, Mom

Courtney said...

So sad that you guys sold Jesse! I remember when you got her--Barie was so excited! I even cat-sat for Jesse one day while Barie ran errands! :)