Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sorry for the break...

Life is running at a pace that is beyond what I can really get my arms around, but I've got a little down time tonight to draft an update. The last weekend has been wild as two of our boys have been incredibly sick with a stomach virus and we had company in town at the same time. We're having a great time getting to know some of our neighbors better, and hoping that we can continue to learn about living in authentic community with those in the church and those outside the church. Barie, as always, has been a great host to have others into our home.

I wanted to throw up a funny picture tonight of Kade from REALife group - seems this last week when childcare was hosted at another family's house, my boys found the dress-up clothes that the girls in the host family wear. Let's just say the teenager babysitters had fun snapping a few shots to send to me - I'm wondering about how long they're going to keep this job. ;)


Brent said...

Something tells me he'll see this photo again at a slideshow at either his graduation or rehearsal dinner.

Elizabeth said...

Mama E. loves him no matter what he wants to wear. I especially like purple...Hope they are feeling better!
Love, Mom