Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Family Values

It would be natural to say that I am passionate about the success of America's family life. I have already given many hours of time and prayer and energy to help marriages and families succeed, and I'm sure over the next several decades of ministry, I will interact with many more struggling marriages and families. For all these reasons, this article in the Washington Post caught my eye as it described the dwindling number of married families with children in the United States. Once thought to be the norm, less and less families are made up of married couples with children. The author's main premise is that statistics are showing that the major factor determining the lifestyle of American families is economics, not values. This means that economic survival and financial vitality drive family choices as much as religious values.

Of course, the major flaw in this rationale from my point of view is that religious values drive economic choices as much as economic conditions drive religious views. That being said, the article does raise an interesting point that political conservatives can say they want married families with kids to be the healthy norm, but they must also be behind the economic empowerment of these families for this system to sustain itself. Any thoughts on this?

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Anonymous said...

Right-leaning people support biblical family structure because they read that in their bibles. They don't read of a God-given economic system in the bible because God didn't describe or endorse one in scripture.

Regarding economic empowerment for families, is there another country on the planet which offers more opportunity for individuals to support themselves in a family than the United States? Our comparatively low federal tax rates (thanks Ronald Reagan) and strong economic growth (Reagan's and Bush's tax cuts, deregulation, and free trade) have resulted in a country which (though imperfect) has extremely low unemployment, a low debt to GDP ratio, low inflation, low interest rates, and low crime rates. If that isn't a country in which a guy can work hard, earn a living and raise a family, what is?