Monday, March 12, 2007

Sick Family

We've been dealing with big-time sickness as a family this weekend and today. Barie got diagnosed with strep-throat on Saturday and Kade has been dealing with the same thing since last Thursday. Kade has been running a high fever. Both have been very sick. We've been giving lots of medicine over the last few days and just today are starting to see some improvement. Please pray that everyone gets better soon - the family as a whole is really struggling right now.

On a different note, the NCAA tournament bracket came out yesterday. You can see the whole bracket of 64 on the CBS Sports website - I love the college basketball tournament every year - we'll have to discuss who we think will go all the way very soon.

I also preached yesterday at HCBC PF - I shared some of my latest thinking on living a missionary life in the midst of our current culture. You can download the message at the HCBC PF website or from their iTunes link. More later when I'm not wiping runny noses.

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