Sunday, March 04, 2007

Watching God At Work

We had the unique opportunity to attend the charter service for the Hutto church plant tonight at Hutto Middle School. What an awesome event! The core team for the Hutto plant heard from the pastors of HCBC NW and HCBC PF as we all celebrated the birth of the association's first granddaughter church. For those of you reading who are not familiar with church-planting movements, granddaughter churches are very rare. There are many great churches around the nation that are planting churches, but for the most part, very few church-plants actually reproduce themselves to the next generation. This tells us something significant - reproducing churches is important, but reproducing churches with the right DNA to plant other churches is the key.

And tonight we witnessed this truth in living color. It was a powerful moment as the elders of HCBC PF, the mother-church, helped the charter members of HCBC Hutto sign the charter document, make their financial commitments, and turn in their ministry commitments. God was definitely at work as this new church family was officially started. Elders were selected and Bo Thompson was confirmed as the new pastor. As one who will follow in their footsteps in six short months, it was truly an awe-inspiring time. A new, missional, healthy church was started tonight, and I know that Jesus is pleased with His people.

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Brent said...

I'm very pleased about the church planting news I'm hearing. Our church just positioned a pastor to do that very thing.

I think the days of the megachurch are waning, and the smaller community ideal might be one of the best and longest lasting benefits of the "emerging church."