Sunday, April 08, 2007

New Class / Discussion Group

We are starting a new class/discussion group at our church this morning called Q8: Christianity Uncensored. The pastor of our church got together some of his young staff guys and asked us to come up with the top 8 questions that we thought the unchurched/unbelieving community was asking about the church and the faith in today's cultural context. I'm teaching two of the eight weeks, and some of our other pastors are teaching the other 6. I have really enjoyed the work we have done on this class, and I'm praying that our people will use this class as an opportunity to invite the unchurched/unbelieving peers who are asking these questions. Our best stab at the top eight questions:

1) Is Jesus a white, middle-class Republican?
2) Why would I want to be a Christian when the church is so messed up?
3) Is Jesus really any different from Mohammad?
4) Why does God care about what happens in my bedroom?
5) Is God as judgmental as most Christians that I know?
6) If God is all-powerful, why doesn't he stop the spread of AIDS in Africa?
7) Why is the church so anti-science?
8) Why does the church suppress women?

I guess my question to you would be...what questions do you think we missed? OR, better said, what questions do you hear from those outside the church that you engage with in your sphere of influence? Thanks for your feedback.


Brent said...

Hey...those are pretty good questions. Even the ones that are specific are really insightful into some of the questions people have been asking for a couple of centuries. Maybe you could get them into some Augustine or Lewis or Schaeffer along the way...

...sounds like a great start to a small group!

Anonymous said...

1.Don't all religions worship the same God??
2.Do people who lived before Jesus not have a chance for heaven??
3.Why is the church service on Sunday the most segregated place I visit all week??
4.Why can't a woman be an elder??
5.Why don't we have angel visits and miracles performed today as dramatic as the Bible??

Dionne said...

1) Isn't the Bible just a bunch of metaphors?
2) Why does the Christian community seem to be hiding or trying to cover up all of the new information we are discovering from "fact finders" like the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Da Vinci code stuff and the lost gospels?
3) Why are there so many different denominations in Christianity? If Christians can't even get their beliefs straigfht, why should I go with any one of them?
4) If God loves everyone so much, why does He allow people to get hurt or worse, why would he allow anyone to go to hell?

Marni said...

1. Why do churches care if I'm in jeans instead of a suit?

2. How can something written so long ago (the Bible) be relevant to today?

3. My best friend is a gay agnostic. I am a straight Christian. Why does my church family give me such a hard time about hanging out with him?