Monday, April 16, 2007

A Very Heavy Heart

You all have heard and read and thought about the killings at Virginia Tech by now. I have a very heavy heart tonight as I process the sudden deaths of so many young college students. Why a heavy heart? Well, first, because like everyone else, my breath is stolen by the inexplicable tragedy of 32 college students doing regular life one moment and losing their life the next. The suddenness of the whole story simply captures our emotions and won't let go. We are reminded of how we walk through life daily like we are invincible, all the time being reminded that car accidents and cancer and all other kinds of tragedies take lives every suddenly every day. For whatever reason, we just always assume that those kinds of things will happen to other people and not to us. We are not ready for suffering or death, and most of the time simply try to deny that it exists. We don't like to go through it, so we simply don't talk about it. The headlines today are one of those short moments, like 9/11, when we are forced to confront the suddenness of death.

The other reason I have a heavy heart is because it reminds me again how urgent the task of evangelism really is - life is short, and unless Jesus returns, death is certain. Somehow we tend to lose the urgency of our mission because we fall into the trap of believing that everyone we meet and know will always be around. The killings today at VT remind me that not only is my life fragile, but the lives of people I meet are fragile as well. Young life taken prematurely devastates us emotionally, but eternal life separated from God should shake us even deeper. I have a heavy heart tonight because I can only imagine the pain and suffering of all those families who lost loved ones today. But I have a very heavy heart tonight praying and hoping that someone took the time to love those students and share with them eternal life in Jesus Christ.

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Marni said...

My heart has been heavy too with the thought that any one of the 32 killed yesterday left this world without knowing Jesus. It's a conviction the Holy Spirit is giving me so I'll shake off all the junk I allow myself to get distracted by and to keep moving forward with sharing God with others.

Thanks for sharing your pain and thoughts on this...